The term Gender, asserting itself as a social and cultural construction of the defining attributes of men and women emerging as a fundamental category of analysis in a relational perspective.
The Arts have been exploring this category in very different ways to interrogate and expose cultural patterns of sexual difference, but also themes that address multiculturalism among other themes of identity incidence.
Kimiko Yoshida, Japanese painter and photographer, amplify women trough her art, a feminist stance of protest against contemporary clichés of seduction, against voluntary servitude of women, stereotypes of “gender” and determinism of heredity. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Nigerian book author: We should all be Feminist says, “The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are “. This collection isn’t particularly literal with her references; the mystical turn was mainly suggested by female freedom thru different kind of arts. Just like Sascha Braunig Canadian surrealist artist, his collection shows us some abstract shapes that force the viewer to consider the figure in lieu of uncanny pattern.
Is a high-functioning but also unpredictable with artful surprises: hemmed stripes creates a organic 3D shapes, the painterly styles, shorts and skirts punctuated by ruffles.
Some minimal styles revolves around the concept of “forget about likeability”, putting an unexpected spin into small details. “It feels that care as gone into something”.
Bearing that woman keenly in mind is the source of this high function collection, which is rather sexy too, with all the strapless cocktail dress and tops stripes following the cuts translating the drama of shadow.

Knitted silk, nylon, cotton with metallic print, painterly nappa, Changeant,seersucker viscose, printed muslin.

Black, white, blue indigo, metallic blue, coral, mustard.